#SEWFROSTING / my list

Any keen insta-sewist will have come across the hashtag #sewfrosting in recent weeks.  This is a challenge from Heather of Closet Case Patterns and Kelli of True Bias to make something frivolous, pushes us out of our comfort zone and is fun to make.  Whether it’s an impractical fabric or a beyond advanced sewing pattern, #sewfrosting is about rediscovering the joy of sewing, making something special and unique that no one else has or could imagine.

Sewing frosting is exactly how I begun sewing.  At University, we attended many black, and sometimes white, tie events and ball gowns weren’t exactly affordable or rescuable from the inevitable glass of red wine that some drunken menace split all down your front.  So my mum encouraged me to make my own.  And I ended up with many.


I’ve recently been trying to sew plainer clothes to build up my wardrobe basics (cake), but I miss my slightly mad makes.  The challenge continues until the end of November and although it’s unlikely I’ll have time to make something, I thought I’d take a look through my fabric and pattern stash for inspiration for when I have time again for frosting.


I have many beautiful fabrics in my stash.  Some with plans, some with not.  If you have any suggestions, please let me know!


The image does not do this fabric justice.  It’s a silk cotton from Mandors which my mum bought me a few years ago.  It was supposed to be Vintage Vogue V8974 but I didn’t really like the bodice (which I oddly trialled by using it as the top for a denim, Liberty-lined jumpsuit – it only got one outing).  I have 1.5 metres of this.


I recently bought this fabulous jacquard from Stoff & Stil.  They have an amazing collection of jacquard fabric at the moment and I have my eye on a few others too.  I plan to make a self drafted A line mini skirt with this, but I’m procrastinating over pockets.  Yes to pockets?


I love, love, love this Liberty cotton tana lawn.  It’s called Poppy Dream A and is from the SS18 seasonal collection.  The photo doesn’t really do it justice as the blue is more purple-y and the orange really pops.  I only bought 1m of this as I was feeling a bit broke at the time, but I should have stretched to another half metre more.  There’s not a lot of interesting things you can do with 1m.  I am contemplating making Le 503 pattern from DP Studio with a contrast fabric for the back (a black chiffon maybe?).


I bought this fabric to make a dress for a friend’s wedding, but they asked me to wear an outfit I’d made for a previous friend’s wedding and it would have been rude not so, so here is 3m of this fancy embroidered net that I have no plans for.  It will probably end up as a loose fitting dress with a green slip, a bit like one made by Elisalex once I have somewhere to wear it.

IMG_0701This is my most frosting of fabrics – an animal Christmas Liberty cotton tana lawn.  I bought this because I could not resist it.  I have absolutely no purpose for it.

One metre again.  Thoughts?


And last but not least, this ex. Dolce and Gabbana silk satin from Stitch Fabrics.  My mum bought this for me because what is a more perfect fabric that one covered in your sewing assistant! It is bea-u-ti-ful.  And I am scared of it.  It is pure #sewfrosting fabric.


I have a few patterns in my stash, mostly stolen from my mum, that I’m desperate to sew.


This shirt (C) in a pale grey-green silk cotton.  Why have I not made this yet?


100% Egyptian goddess dress.  Hell yes.


All of these.  All of the time.  Even though I made all of these at least once before.

upholstery frosting

And finally, I’m adding a new category to this challenge.   The fabric I’m most inspired by at the moment is upholstery fabric.  We’ve recently moved house and bought lots of vintage furniture, most of which needs some new frosting.


This beautiful Lelievre Maquis fabric is destined for an Ercol Chairmaker.  It will be magnificent.  It is so overwhelming beautiful that I am struggling to find any fabric to complement it.  In a few weeks, I’m going on an upholstery course to make a footstool to accompany the chair and I am lost when it comes to finding its fabric.  The struggle is real.


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